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[RFC] *-rc.d -> rc.d-* transition

As it was talked in Debconf2, we would be better off if we renamed all
*-rc.d utilities (invoke-rc.d, policy-rc.d, update-rc.d) to rc.d-*
(rc.d-invoke, rc.d-policy, rc.d-update).

Transition plan:

1a. Rename all scripts to their new names, add compatibility symlinks to
    the sysvinit and file-rc packages.

    The scripts can be executed by both names.

1b. Change policy to recommend the new names, and deprecate the old
    ones.  Email debian-devel-announce about it, so that other docs get updated
    (as if...).

2.  Change debhelper (and any other maintainer script templates) to use the 
    new format.

3.  File wishlist bugs to all non-debhelper-using packages to switch to
    the new naming scheme.

4.  wait for sarge to be released

5.  Change policy to forbid the old naming.  File bugs, NMU all packages
    still using the old ones.

6.  wait for sarge+1 to be released

7.  remove the compatibility symlinks.

If there are no problems with this transition plan, I will write a policy
proposal shortly.

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  where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
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