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Bug#157131: PROPOSAL] Suggest to minimize optimization when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contains "debug"

On 18 Aug 2002 18:16:43 -0400,
Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> wrote:
> +	    <tag>noopt</tag>
> +	    <item>
> +	      <p>
> +		The presence of this string means that the package
> +		should be complied with the minumum possible amount of
> +		optimization.  For C programs, this usually implies
> +		adding <tt>-O0</tt> to <tt>CFLAGS</tt>.  Some programs
> +		might fail to build or run at this level of
> +		optimization; it may be necessary to use <tt>-O1</tt>.
> +	      </p>
> +	    </item>
-O0 is the default of gcc.  Why do I have to add it explicitly?
I don't want a bug filed just because -O0 is missing.

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