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Bug#155680: PROPOSAL ] bump priority of window managers whic

>> (I still want to hear what Branden has to say about all of this, too.)
> I haven't firmly made up my mind yet.
> Can someone tell me what the relationship between WMSP, "netwm", and
> the EWMH spec is?

netwm is the name for the spec referred to in the original mail of this policy
proposal.  The name comes from the hints NET_WM_*.  WMSP is the same thing.

GNOME and KDE each invented their own wm specs initially.  At the same time E
was also coming up with ways for the wm to communicate with 3rd party pagers
and the like.  Everyone agreed to get together and codify a common standard. 
GNOME 1.x uses the GNOME hints and was the last group to support the standard.

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