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Re: /usr/doc

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Anyway, I'd thought we were considering removing all the symlinks in one
> shot rather than waiting for every package to be updated. Indeed, Manoj's
> message to the tech ctte said:

Yes, we can do that. Things to watch out for:

- old aliened packages that have /usr/doc directories (alien gets this
  right for new stuff)
- locally built, or obsolete packages with /usr/doc directories
- partial upgrades from potato to sid that have half their /usr/doc
  directories still
- editor backup files that slipped into /usr/doc due to admin
  negligence, and kept mostly empty /usr/doc/foo directories around
- files in /usr/doc from rpms that were forced into the system, bad
  "make install" runs, etc.

None of that should probably be blown away. Deleting all symlinks and
then checking what's left and either giving up or taking some smart
action with the remainder, perhaps?

see shy jo

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