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Re: /usr/doc

On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 03:32:46PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:

> So, you'd rather see a half-empty /usr/doc, which is not very
> useful, then to have a script, that links /usr/doc to share/doc, and
> would not cause any loss of functionality?

Oh, no no no!  We're not reopening this can of worms!  We had weeks of
loud arguments about how to do this, and finally had to resort to the
tech ctte to get a ruling.  Now we have a plan, and we're sticking
with it!

Yes, a half-empty /usr/doc is the next stage of the plan, just like a
half-empty /usr/share/doc was an earlier stage of the plan.

> /usr/doc is [...]

On its way out.  Learn to live with it.

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