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Re: Java Policy.

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 01:07:07PM -0700, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> Andrew> Both are shipped as Java bytecode (*.class files, packaged in
> Andrew> a *.jar archive) and with an "Architecture: all" since Java
> Andrew> bytecode is supposed to be portable.
> Andrew> seems to forbid both code with native parts, and Java code
> Andrew> compiled to machine binaries with gcj.  It seems reasonable to
> Andrew> me to allow both of these.
> Ola> Well I do not really understand this. Java code is supposed to be
> Ola> portable. If you compile it to machine binaries it is no longer a
> Ola> java program and should not be packaged as a such. Non java
> Ola> components should be extracted to a separate package IMHO.
> If you permit an outsider to intrude... :)

What did you mean with this?

> Why must all lib*-java packages depend on java-virtual-machine?  gcj
> is supposed to be able to compile class files into native code, isn't
> it?  So these class libraries are, in theory, usable by people who
> just use them for gcj based develompent and link them into their
> executables.

You are right. The policy was written when gcj was in _early_ stages.

> I am sure I overlook something trivial, please point it out for my
> edification :)

It should recommend (or at least suggest) a java-virtual-machine
though. Or simply depend on java-common which should take care of that.

Actually I'm thinking of splitting java-common in three.
* java-common (which should provide some help scripts and suggest or
  depend on things).
* java-policy (With the policy).
* java-faq (with the faq).

What do you think about that?


// Ola

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