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Bug#144292: debian-policy: perl policy section 1.4 violates current practice

On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 03:18:38PM -0800, Britton Leo Kerin wrote:
>Package: debian-policy
>Severity: normal
>In this section I read:
>     Modules
>          Manual pages for modules are installed into
>          `/usr/share/man/man3' with the extension `.3perl'.
>But all the actual package seem to use .3pm.  Also, there should
>probably be a mention that the packages in practice show up with
>extension '.gz' after the extensions described currently.

You're reading the wrong section.  Perl Policy describes both the
packaging of perl and of perl modules.

The `.3perl' extension is under section 1, which is for modules that are
part of the perl packages.

Section 3 deals with packaged modules, mandating `.3pm' so that packaged
modules don't conflict with core modules (the policy allows newer
versions of core modules to be packaged).


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