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Re: Bug#143941: define a usable character set for description/maintainer name etc.

>>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@debian.org> writes:

 Jason> Well, we have to decide what to do. I could go an `fix' apt to
 Jason> assume UTF-8 and wichert could `fix' dpkg to assume latin1 and
 Jason> we'd be no better off.

	I'd hope there is better communcation between dpkg and apt
 developers that this is merely a rhetorical question.

 Jason> If policy is not the proper forum for deciding this sort of issue then
 Jason> what is?

	debian-devel is named devel for a reason. And in cases like
 this, it is not unknown for people in related areas (dinstall
 maintainer, dpkg maintainers, apt/aptitude/deity folks, and the web
 master) use email to reach a rough consensus.

	I am not sure all the people who ought to wiegh in on this
 even read -policy.

 If we all work together, we can totally disrupt the system.
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