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Bug#108416: Bug#139957: period at the end of short description?

severity 139957 wishlist
merge 108416 139957

On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 12:49, Branden Robinson wrote:

> We went over this in the list archives the last time the issue came up
> and Manoj planted his feet.

Erk.  I apologize for not searching the list archives and seeing

To make up for this (in addition to the fact that I'm working on #134106
at the moment :) ), I'd like to add something new to the discussion.  I
assert that the short descriptions are not titles nor sentence fragments
per se; rather they are subtitles, like for a book.

A package name itself is analogous to a book title.  Titles often have
clever and/or obscure names, and it might not be obvious at first glance
what the package does merely from its title (name); e.g. "arch" or
"emacs".  The point of a book subtitle is to clarify exactly what the
"subject matter" of the book is.  Analogously, for programs the subtitle
should clarify exactly what it is that the program does.

And if one looks at book subtitles, they don't end in a period.  Also,
the first letter is usually captialized.

> 2) It's possible to give the "ucfirst and period at end" crowd what they
> want via a package browsing interface.  

This argument is somewhat convincing, but the synopsis line is meant for
human consumption in the first place; if it's failing in that, even in a
small way, then I think something is wrong.

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