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CVS srivasta: * Set the cotact information for the FHS contact, and add mention of the

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-policy
Module name:	debian-policy
Changes by:	srivasta	Thu Mar 14 10:17:48 PST 2002

Modified files:
	.              : debconf-spec.desc menu-policy.sgml 
	                 mime-policy.sgml policy.sgml 
	debian         : changelog 

Log message:
* Set the cotact information for the FHS contact, and add mention of the
  FHS mailing list.                                        closes: Bug#137172
* ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer/ certainly seems to
  exist, and does contain the menu policy.     closes: Bug#110711, Bug#121977
* Added java related virtual packages                      closes: Bug#110713
* Fixed confusion in appar4ently contradictory wording about /etc/init.d
  scripts: clarified to emphasize that the init.d files _are_
  configuration files, and they _must_ have local changes preserved,
  either (if they are present in the .deb) by marking them as conffiles
  or, if they do not exist in the .deb file, by any other means. This
  does not change any requirements, and should have no affect on any
  conformant packages.                                     closes: Bug#132621
* Fixed error in doc-base file                             closes: Bug#137521
* fixed typo in virtual packages list                      closes: Bug#110446
* Fixed typo in upgrading checklist.                       closes: Bug#110705
* Fixed typo (dependencies) in the policy                  closes: Bug#122931
* Fixed grammar errors in the policy                       closes: Bug#126131
* While I am cleaning out bugs, these are old and the reporter no longer
  wnats to pursue them, and there was never a consensus reached. If
  there is interest, new bugs can be filed.      closes: Bug#51411, Bug#51412
* Added the virtual package dict-client                    closes: Bug#122996
* Added the virtual package foomatic-data                  closes: Bug#123570
* Added the virtual packages {x-}audio-mixer               closes: Bug#131781

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