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Bug#115438: [PROPOSAL] addition of new menu tag for kde menu removal

Package: debian-policy


   KDE uses it's menu files to let the system know alot of different information
about a particular binary including how to launch it, what it's used for,
mime types, etc.  When we integrate the Debian menu within the KDE one we
end up with duplicates.  The information that Debian provides for a particular
binary is the basics since the normal Deiban menu has no need for such extra
information.  KDE ends up seeing 2 different sets of information for the
same binary and can (and usually does) gets confused.

   The easiest way around this is to use the menu system's features to not
install a KDE menu entry when one already exists and thus avoiding the
duplication altogether.  Adding kderemove="y" to a Debian menu entry currently
takes care of this and most KDE packages are already doing this.  

   I'm not really sure where this should fit into policy but I assume it would
go into the menu specific policy.  I am also not good at the written word
so if someone else can come up with better verbage that would be great.


"Packages which provide KDE menu entries must also add 'kderemove="y"' to
their corresponding Debian menu entry. This allows the Debian menu system
to ignore creating a KDE menu entry since one already exists."


Most KDE based apps already use either 'kderemove="y"' or 'kderemove="1"'
so transition is just a matter of getting everyone on the same page.  



Ivan E. Moore II
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