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Re: Policy for modifier keys?

On  5.X.2001 at 00:36 Panu Kalliokoski wrote:
> Should there perhaps be a policy about how modifiers keys are mapped in
> console and X applications? For example, on the console, alt produces
> an esc prefix, which is IMO good and makes alt equivalent to a meta
> key. However, under X, meta is usually the windows key, which is a
> nuisance if one often changes between console and X.

You can define your keyboard as a pc102 one (though it's actually pc105
or pc104). This will make the keys Alt to act as Meta.  It's a matter of
personal preference how one defines his keyboard.

> Moreover, because X programs can treat modifiers in two ways - the simple
> one, using modifier number, and the complex one, mapping mod numbers to
> keycodes and then using those - there probably should be some consistent
> policy of which mod number is mapped onto which modifier etc.

The simple method is not correct.  Bugs have to be submitted against
such programs.  AFAIK Emacs is such a program.

	Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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