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Bug#112090: PROPOSAL]: support reduced footprint debs at build time

Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 09:06:12PM -0400 wrote:
> David Kimdon wrote:
> > boot-floppies - when we are creating the _install_ root filesystem we
> > apt-get a bunch of binary packages, extract them into a temporary
> > area, remove stuff we don't want, do library reduction etc..  Some of
> > the packages that we grab are special *-bf packages, smaller versions
> > built specifically for boot floppies. _no one_ else uses them except
> > for people buliding boot-floppies.
> > 
> > debian-installer - we apt-get a bunch of .udebs, then build our little
> > fs. _no one_ else uses them except for people building
> > debian-installer.
> > 
> > Proposed:
> > 
> > Both systems grab source pacakages during the build, rather than
> > binaries.  embedded is put into DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, and the packages
> > are compiled small, fit for boot-floppies or debian-installer.  We
> > then take those generated binary packages and build our install disk.
> Sorry, no. debian-installer's design demands that the actual .udeb
> packages are available on the archive. They won't all fit on the install
> disk.

True debian-installer wants a udeb archive available. There is
absolutely no reason, however, why the creation of that archive can't
be part of the debian-installer build process, the result uploaded
with the debian-installer build and as a whole handled much like
baseX_X.tgz used to be.

> Also, your idea ignores part of the reason behind udebs, which is to let
> the installer be maintained in a distributed manner like the rest of
> debian.

Sorry, no. Take for example pump-udeb.  It has a maintainer, all is
distributed, the only difference is where it gets built.

The parts of debian-installer that have no life outside of
debian-installer may just live as source packages, and not be built,
much like pcmcia-source.

The only difference is where it gets built.


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