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Bug#112090: PROPOSAL]: support reduced footprint debs at build time

> Euhm, you serious expect the installer to be able to compile itself
> during an install?
> Wichert.
umm, no, looks like I said something confusing.

I'm talking about the installer's build system, not the actual install.

A bit more elaboration:

Currently :

boot-floppies - when we are creating the _install_ root filesystem we
apt-get a bunch of binary packages, extract them into a temporary
area, remove stuff we don't want, do library reduction etc..  Some of
the packages that we grab are special *-bf packages, smaller versions
built specifically for boot floppies. _no one_ else uses them except
for people buliding boot-floppies.

debian-installer - we apt-get a bunch of .udebs, then build our little
fs. _no one_ else uses them except for people building


Both systems grab source pacakages during the build, rather than
binaries.  embedded is put into DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, and the packages
are compiled small, fit for boot-floppies or debian-installer.  We
then take those generated binary packages and build our install disk.


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