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Re: debconf dilemma

Brian May wrote:
> 1. some front ends display the information at the wrong time, and
> require manually pressing enter to acknowledge, so you see the verbose
> information (which may not even be important) before you get asked the
> question.

There's really nothing I can do about this in the context of the dialog
drontend. Dialog is a very limiting tool.

> 2. some front ends, eg. text will always display the verbose
> information even if it is not required, hence forcing other messages
> to scroll of the top of the screen.

Try setting DEBCONF_TERSE=true. I haven't yet added a help keybinding to
the text frontend in that mode, but I do intend to.

> 3. some questions are poorly described. eg. for configuring mouse, in
> the slang front end, I see a pull down list of mouse types and the
> following description: "If in doubt choose the first option". Just
> what is the first option? Can you even rely on the front end not to
> reorder the list?

Yes you can, and anyone who writes a debconf question like that deserves
a bug report. You're told not to do so in the debconf tutorial.

see shy jo

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