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Re: debconf dilemma

>> Ian Zimmerman <itz@speakeasy.org> writes:

 > Marcelo> namely, another tool can present the user with a more
 > Marcelo> sensibly designed list
 > But, with this server (and yes, I tried both 4.[01]) I keep
 > experiencing minor pixel corruption with scrolling.  So, I _want_
 > (and I sure expect to be able) to select xserver-svga.

 I see your point, but nothing prevents the hypothetical "more sensibly
 designed" tool to offer the user with the possibility of either a)
 selecting the old X server if the new one is known to be buggy with a
 particular hardware configuration or b) presenting the user with a more
 advanced|fine grained way of selecting the X server.  And finally,
 debconf is a tool that allows the maintainer to get information from
 the user, it's not a registry.  You can go ahead and change the
 configuration without using debconf and your changes must be preserved.

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