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Re: debconf dilemma

Scott> 'lilo' on the Open Projects Network came into #debian-devel
Scott> puzzled as to which X server he was running, and if it was even
Scott> a 4.x version.  Later, it was figred out that he didn't choose
Scott> the correct XFree86 server in the debconf questions provided.
Scott> He didn't know that the "xserver-xfree86" server is a 4.x
Scott> server, and that the rest of the "xserver-*" servers are 3.x
Scott> servers.  This led to user disconnect as to which server to
Scott> pick for his card and he chose the 3.x server that matched his
Scott> card instead of the 4.x server, which he would have chose with
Scott> the proper knowledge.
Marcelo> Basically, making the user select an X server is the wrong
Marcelo> approach, but debconf allows for an interesting possibility,
Marcelo> namely, another tool can present the user with a more
Marcelo> sensibly designed list, which AFAIUI avoids the need to
Marcelo> present the menu in question entirely.


Be careful not to overestimate the potential of automatic guessing.
As an example (and, of course, the motivation for my followup :), my
video card is based on the S3V, which is officially supported by XFree
v4.  So I'd expect any automatic method of selecting the X server to
go for xserver-xfree86.

But, with this server (and yes, I tried both 4.[01]) I keep
experiencing minor pixel corruption with scrolling.  So, I _want_ (and
I sure expect to be able) to select xserver-svga.

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
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