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Re: Software Licenced Under a Specific Version of GPL

>>"Ari" == Ari Makela <hauva@iki.fi> writes:

 Ari> The file now includes GPL version 2 but probably not in future Debian
 Ari> releases. And what if my package is installed in such a future
 Ari> release? It'll have a wrong licence.

	Flawed assumption.  I think you do Debian and the policy group
 a disservice by claiming that we shall, in the future, have such
 little regard for copyrights and installed bases.

	When GPL v3 does role around, it shall probably go into
 GPL-V3; and at the same time we shall have GPL-V23, with the GPL
 being a symlink pointing to GPL-V2. At this point, there shall be a
 policy directive asking people to rewrite the readme/copyright files
 to point to the non-symlink license; and, when there is no package
 remaining, shall the file GPL be removed. 

	So, GPL is likely to remain, and refer to a version 2 licence,
 for a long time, until all packages are changed. 

	Violating policy by including the full contents of the common
 license on the assumption that future developers are going to screw
 up is not a good idea.

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