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Bug#108416: Format of short description should be mandated

I have caught-up the discussion on the topic of the short description
now. (I was not subscribed to debian-policy so I didn't follow the
discussion itself.) As the original bug-submitter I want to make
some final comments:

* I agree with most of Branden's proposal since it grants consistency
  in package description. Consistency is important IMO, since the
  current differences in package descriptions can easily make the
  impression of "unprofessionalism".
* I do also agree with the people that said that this doesn't belong
  into policy. The Developer's Reference is probably a better place
  for it.
* As for the original discussion, whether we should mandate
  capitalization/punctuation: The points that were made against this
  were good IMO and I agree that lower case and no full stop should
  be the "default".

 - Sebastian

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