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Re: Bug#108416: Format of short description should be mandated

>>"Sebastian" == Sebastian Rittau <srittau@debian.org> writes:

 Sebastian> Currently, most package start the short package
 Sebastian> description with a capital letter, but some don't. Also,
 Sebastian> some short descriptions end with a period, some don't. I
 Sebastian> think, policy state, what is correct.  (I would prefer
 Sebastian> capital letter and period, but that's just a personal
 Sebastian> preference.) Of course, policy shouldn't be too strict
 Sebastian> about that as there may be cases where for example a
 Sebastian> capital letter doesn't sense (e.g. aRts is a name that
 Sebastian> should be spelled just like that, also please respect
 Sebastian> non-english package description translations).

	Must policy be invoked for every picayune little detail of
 packaging? This change has to do with aesthetics, folks, dodgy
 capitalization does not really detract from the information available
 to users to make a selection.

	There are a number of things that one may find desirable
 (proper kerning in printable documentation is one), indentation of
 shell scripts, proper variable naming in configuration files, ad
 infinitum. However, policy is _not_ a compendium of recommended
 practices -- it is meant as a *minimal* set of guidelines that are
 imposed on package developers to aid in interoperability and
 integration of packages on Debian (unfortunately, policy started life
 as documentation for dpkg, so that was kinda blurred in the past). 

	I think this proposal fails to meet the ``Why does this need
 to be policy''cut, at least in my opinion. 

	Shouldn't we be moving towards making policy minimalist;
 rather than loading it with rules (all motherhood and apple pie
 rules, no doubt), bloating policy, just because we can?

 wondering how soo his typos would be declared serious bugs
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