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Re: Colo Servers, Telco-Grade Configuration, Embedded/Turnkey Systems

debbi@starshine.org writes:
> I'd like to see Debian GNU/Linux come to completely dominate the 
> colocated and telco-grade remote/isolated server markets.  These 
> sorts of unattended systems (sometimes called "embedded" or "turnkey"
> systems) are a huge marketshare among full-time professional system
> administrators.  

Sounds great!

Some possibly related capabilities:

     Monitoring: Hardware (e.g. CPU core temperature), resource
     utilization (CPU load, swap space, free disk space, network
     bandwidth...), security incidents (failed login attempts,
     rejected packets, SATAN scans...) all reported remotely.


     mass installs


     load sharing/parallel processing

By the way, some of the steps you mention sound useful to blind users
who want to run their systems via a serial link to another computer.
One of the frustrations of that setup is that it's hard to get to the
boot-time messages.

			- Jim Van Zandt

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