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Policy on debconf options

I'm not sure whether this should be a policy bit (probably not) or a
developer's ref manual thing.  And since I don't know how the docs
have been reorganized or what the plan is, I don't want to say.  So
it's a proposal for whichever doc it most belongs in, but I think it
belongs somewhere.

I've seen two bugs recently, one in realplayer, and one in
zephyr-clients, where the bug arose because I use debconf with a
"critical" threshhold.  The developers tested the install with a
different threshhold.  Temporarily adjusting the threshhold for the
install of the affected packages works around the bugs.

I think it would be nice to explicitly suggest/require that
installation of debconf'd packages be tested against at least the
extremes of "low" and "critical" threshholds, and also maybe with the
noninteractive frontend.


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