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Re: RFC: default encoding of documentation and debian control files

[Sorry for hijacking an unrelated reply]

    >*Addition to 13.5 Preferred documentation formats:
    >HTML documents, if in encoding other than us-ascii, must
    >have in their header an appropriate META tag describing the used encoding. 

Shouldn't that be "iso-8859-1 (latin1)" instead of "us-ascii"?  As,
IIRC, that is the official default encoding for HTML (according to

I'm unsure about the must/should, though... I mean, "should" should
also be stuff that's not really critical, right?  But a document that
I can't even get any reader to read due to not knowing which encoding
it's in (BTW, I liked your story about the ECMA-cyrillic doc ;-) is
not non-critical.  But IANADD anyway...

Bye, J

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