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Re: obsolete information in debian-policy

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 12:56:48PM -0400, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Interesting.  The reason this came up is a couple of days ago I had an
> extremely important upload to make for webmin.  I put critical in the
> changelog but dpkg-parsechangelog bombed out.  That's when I did some
> investigation and discovered the new set of urgencies.  I replaced
> critical with emergency and it worked.  IIRC it didn't get installed in
> the archive until two days later.  And today I installed the new policy
> saw it still mentioned the old values and got confused. :-)
> So is this a dpkg-parsechangelog bug or have the archive scripts not
> caught up to new developments yet?

AFAIK, Wichert and Anthony have been privately discussing how to
resolve it.  I was not aware of the dpkg-parsechangelog issue,
though.  Wichert, Anthony, any chance of resolving this one soon?



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