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Re: Bug#99324: Default charset should be UTF-8

On  1.VI.2001 at 14:00 Marco d'Itri wrote:
> I don't know about Arabic and Hebrew, but russian people don't like
> unicode and do not want to switch from the KOI-8 and KOI-8r encodings.

Well, I am not Russian but my impressions show that generally the
Russian people are not against Unicode.  It's not pleasant to deal with
so many incompatible 8-bit Cyrillic encodings.  When Unicode becomes a
real alternative to all Cyrillic encodings I guess that most of the
Cyrillic users (not only Russians) will switch to Unicode.

The real problem of Unicode is that still there is not enough support
for it.  And at least for a few years 8-bit encodings are going to be
better supported than Unicode.

Nevertheless my opinion that using UTF-8 by default is a good idea.  The
only problem is what latin1 users would think about that.  Or what would
think some of the users of vim who hate emacs.

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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