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Re: Bug#99324: Default charset should be UTF-8

Marco d'Itri (2001-06-01 03:31:53 +0200) :

> Most people (with the possible exception of part of the CJK
> community) do not want to use unicode yet, deal with it.

Excuse me?  "With the possible exception of the CJK community"?  What
about people speaking (and writing/typing) Arabic, Hebrew, Greek,
Russian and whatnot?  I gather you're Italian, so you might need some
accents (I remember seeing some "è").  Now either you switch to
Unicode (whatever encoding you use), or you have to use diuerse
escaping tricks and most numerous echaracter sets if you just want to
communicate with Eastern Europeans.  Or Russians.  Or Greeks.  Oh
yeah, and the occasional CJK community members too.

  In *my* experience, most people *do* want to use Unicode.  I would
appreciate if you just did not dismiss the opinion of the growing
number of people like me with an unjustified affirmation and a not
more justified "deal with it".  Thanks.

Roland Mas

C'est un type qui rentre dans un café.  Plouf.

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