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Bug#98291: being truthful about the FHS and us


Anthony Towns schrieb:
> > Are there more?  Yes, there's /usr/lib/menu, which we don't even have
> > a migration strategy for, 
> Uh, that's possibly architecture dependent though: it'll contain different
> things on different arches if, eg, you support i386 and sparc and have
> acroread.deb installed on all arches it supports (ie, i386 only). Likewise
> if you have aethera installed wherever possible and have both alpha
> machines as well as sparc and i386 machines sharing a single /usr/share.
> So /usr/lib/menu seems entirely compliant to me.

Menu files contain the name of the package they belong to.
update-menu won't include menu item's in the menus whose
packagesare not installed, thus menu configuration directories
are perfectly shareable.

ciao, 2ri
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