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Re: Bug#97755: PROPOSAL] eliminating task packages; new task system

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

 Joey> Anthony Towns wrote:
 >> > 	You are the release manager. File the bugs, declare them
 >> >  release critical [...]
 >> Okay. Whatever. I really don't have the patience for -policy anymore.

 Joey> You know, neither do I.

	Ah. The "Things aren't going my way so I'll take the marbles
 and go home" gambit.  I am indeed sorry that policy is not a bludgeon
 to be used on other maintainers, or a means of forcing packages out
 of a release in a hurry. 

	Indeed, the constitutionality of this policy process has
 always been a gray area, and were policy to be used as a club, I
 would think that the process shall be challenged.  However, I'd be
 just as pleased to defer that battle for another day. 

	Convince the task package maintainers. Or get the release
 manager or the DPL to do so by fiat. Or delay the release until the
 matter is resolved. The decision is entirely in your hands.

 Joey> Manoj, have fun waiting until woody + 2 or whenever you want
 Joey> and then documenting something that happened 2 years  prior..

	You are demonstrating a lack of grasp of what policy is
 here. You see, the moment it becomes existing practice, it can be
 documented as such in policy. You just can't use policy to force
 something to be ``existing'' practice when it happens not to be.

ps: I leave for New Orleans today, and shall be gone for a week, and
may not be able to give folks satisfaction in a pitched flame war,
unless they chose to withhold action till I return.
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