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Re: Tightening up specification of /bin/sh

Zack Weinberg schrieb:
>   	<p>
> ! 	  The standard shell interpreter `<tt>/bin/sh</tt>' is a
> ! 	  symbolic link to a POSIX compatible shell.  Since the POSIX
> ! 	  standard for shells leaves important areas unspecified,
> ! 	  wherever it is lacking, `<tt>/bin/sh</tt>' shall follow the
> ! 	  <em>consensus behavior</em> of other shell interpreters.
> ! 	  Consensus behavior is determined by testing at least five
> ! 	  shell interpreters which claim to be POSIX compatible.

I oppose, this way lies madness.

Ether a shellscript is POSIX compliant, and works on all POSIX
compliant shells, or it's not, then you are free to do
#!/bin/bash or whatever, but don't rely on a nonstandard feature
being present in other shells as well. Just testing some shells
is _no_ substitute for standard compliance.

ciao, 2ri
We'll try to make different mistakes this time.
	-- Larry Wall in "Apocalypse Two"

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