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Re: "Defaults for satisfying dependencies - ordering" gone?

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 01:13:50PM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> >> I'm not talking about editing config files here.  I'm more interested in
> >> programs that invoke /usr/bin/editor.
> > Well, see Policy section 12.4. "Editors and pagers".
> Your point being?

Okay, I'll try this step by step. :> That section of Policy says:

     It is not required for a package to depend on `editor' and `pager',
     nor is it required for a package to provide such virtual packages.[1]

[1]  The Debian base system already provides an editor and a pager program,

That is, ae, which is required. In another place, Policy says:

          `required' packages are necessary for the proper functioning of
          the system.  You must not remove these packages or your system
          may become totally broken and you may not even be able to use
          `dpkg' to put things back.

> As it is, you're allowing all editors to be removed without dpkg bitching
> about it and suddenly all these programs calling editor will start
> failing.

If they knew how to screw up their system by removing all of the editors,
they'll know how to fix it by adding back some editors. This isn't
fool-proof, but so what?

(We could probably add code in update-alternatives to abort if it happens
that it is removing the last remaining alternative to editor.)

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