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RE: reminder: menu icons should be 32x32 or smaller!

On 10-May-2001 Chris Waters wrote:
> I'd like to remind people that Menu policy says that icon images
> used in the Debian menu system should be no larger than 32x32.
> Unfortunately, people seem to be sticking in any old image they can
> find, these days.
> I've filed a couple of bug reports against a couple of the most
> egregious offenders (using 64x64 or larger), but rather than file
> hundreds more bug reports, I'd like to simply post this reminder, and
> call on people to voluntarily fix their packages.

Seeing how Debian icons should be xpm's (lintian should complain if they are
not) someone could mail me a patch that parses the xpm file and ensures it is
the right size and even colourmap.

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