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Re: Bug#96458: xv is NOT a native Debian package (fwd)

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Joey Hess wrote:

> People who read policy like rules lawyers are often disappointed and
> often do foolish things. Please bring common sense with you when you
> open the policy manual.

When I read the policy like a lawyer I get answers like "this was not
intended" and when I read the policy with common sense I get answers like
the "Developper's reference is not policy" that Phil said in the
discussion of #96458.

I did think our policy contains the rules we follow to produce good
packages and I was proud that we have something like this - at the moment
I tend to see it as a piece of (virtual) paper that has less value than
the words of the release manager.

Adrian (who waits that ajt downgrades #97040)


Nicht weil die Dinge schwierig sind wagen wir sie nicht,
sondern weil wir sie nicht wagen sind sie schwierig.

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