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CVS srivasta: * [ACCEPTED 2/4/01] /var/mail and /var/spool/mail closes: Bug#42052

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-policy
Module name:	debian-policy
Changes by:	srivasta	Sat Apr 28 11:36:54 PDT 2001

Modified files:
	.              : policy.sgml upgrading-checklist.html 
	debian         : changelog rules 
Added files:
	.              : perl-policy.sgml 

Log message:
* [ACCEPTED 2/4/01] /var/mail and /var/spool/mail  closes: Bug#42052
* [AMENDMENT 26/04/2001] include Perl Policy       closes: Bug#83977
* Also incorporates all the improvements that Julian has made to to the
  grammar and flow of the policy manual. The following are mostly
  Julian's fixes:
* Fixed the confusing self referential language.   closes: Bug#85503
* Correct ambiguous kanguage about declaring build dependencies.
  closes: Bug#86436
* Improved the woding of the footnote about shlibdeps.
  closes: Bug#87233

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