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Re: Source package policy problem.

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 04:46:37PM -0500, Adam McKenna wrote:
> I am trying to make a source package of daemontools by Dan Bernstein.  Since
> there is no license for distributing the source, I have made my source
> package an installer package.  The only problem I have is the Debian .diff

Hello Adam,

as You probably know, I am working on a similar thing. I made _binary_
packages of djb's software, daemontools, ucspi-tcp, var-qmail (qmail,
dot-forward, fastforward), djbdns.
They are tested for a few month now by several people out there.
They do not comply with debian policy, because the binaries reside in
/usr/local/bin (excepting qmail, binaries are in /usr/{bin,sbin}), but they
seem to be accaptable to djb: I wrote him attached mail about three weeks
ago, did not get an answer yet. He did not prohibit an announcement of those
See the packages at http://www.innominate.org/~pape/djb/ .

Nevertheless, the packages cannot go into Debian GNU/Linux non-free, because
of the location of the binaries. I got a tip from Russel Nelson on djb's
dns-mailing-list: "Symlinks are your friends.". So my question:

Is it policy conform to have a package (or packages depending on each
other) installing binaries in /usr/bin/ _and_ providing syslinks to
/usr/local/bin/ ?

Adam, shouldn't we perhaps work together on this?

Regards, Gerrit.

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                                                 the linux architects
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Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:09:08 +0100
To: "D. J. Bernstein" <djb@cr.yp.to>
Subject: Re: Hey, you missed an installation step!
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On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 08:16:09PM -0000, D. J. Bernstein wrote:
> This is all about the size of the community. ``Everyone uses BIND! Nobody
> uses djbdns! Support is available for BIND! No support is available for
> djbdns! There's tons of BIND documentation! There's nothing on djbdns!
> Everyone knows how to use BIND! Nobody knows how to use djbdns! There
> must be something wrong with djbdns.''
> In fact, the 90% number is a fabrication; one site serves 3% of all
> *.com zones with tinydns; commercial support is available for djbdns;
> the djbdns configuration is documented; any competent sysadmin can
> administer djbdns; at least one OS distributor includes djbdns; and
> djbdns has far fewer problems with large zones and interoperability than
> BIND does. The BIND company employee is willing to deceive his readers
> if it means he can create an impression of BIND as having all the users.
Hello Dan,

as other guys mentioned, it would increase the size of the community using
djbdns, having binary packages for operating systems available. The primary
OS I use is Debian GNU/Linux.

I have a binary package of djbdns for Debian; installing the package
produces exactly the same files, in exactly the same locations, that a user
would obtain by downloading, compiling, and installing djbdns-1.02.tar.gz.
http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/dist.html permits to distribute that package, ok.

djbdns depends on daemontools and ucspi-tcp, if using zone transfers. There
is no release of that projects right now and so no dist.html.
Nevertheless, I packaged daemontools and ucspi-tcp, again with no changes in
conf-*, binaries are installed in /usr/local/bin. They comply to
http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/dist.html .
May I announce these packages? Just making the package djbdns available
without daemontools and ucspi-tcp makes no sense.

And please, if not yet done, take a look at the precompiled var-qmail
package I did a few month ago. I would like to announce that one too.
It nearly fulfills http://cr.yp.to/qmail/dist.html , just the man pages are
missing in the var-qmail hierarchy, they are installed in /usr/share/man,
and the binaries in /var/qmail/bin are symlinks.

djbdns package:
var-qmail package:
var-qmail hierarchy filellist:

If You do not give me an answer, I will treat that as an approval.

Regards, Gerrit.

                                                        innominate AG
                                                 the linux architects
tel: +49.30.308806-0  fax: -77              http://www.innominate.com

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