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Source package policy problem.

I am trying to make a source package of daemontools by Dan Bernstein.  Since
there is no license for distributing the source, I have made my source
package an installer package.  The only problem I have is the Debian .diff
file.  Currently, I am generating the .diff file, the source .deb, and a
binary .deb from one source tree.  My problem is this:  Since there are no
redistribution terms on the source, I cannot upload the .orig.tar.gz file,
which will undoubtedly be referred to in the signed .dsc file.  My only
options appear to be the following:

1)  Make a separate source package that doesn't include the actual upstream
source.  Copy the .diff.gz, .dsc and .changes manually to the other package
every time I make a new release.

2)  Upload the current package, but without the .orig.tar.gz

My package can be found at http://flounder.net/debs/

Any suggestions?


Adam McKenna  <adam@debian.org>  <adam@flounder.net>

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