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Bug#82310: Provides: java-servlet-engine

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

Description: I suggested this to debian-devel and debian java
some time ago, and received many supporting comments. Due to
lack of time, i was never able to follow it up.
"Well, the problem is this. A java servlet requires, strangely
enough, a java servlet engine, such as tomcat, apache jserv, etc.
So, in the control file i'd like to be able to specify "depends:
java-servlet-engine" and let apt get on with it, rather than 
saying "depends: apache-jserv|tomcat|jrun|jboss|weblogic" etc.
I can't see anything in the debian-java archives or the java
policy about this...

Please CC me as I am not on debian-policy

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