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Re: changelog bug-closing should not be used unless the code changes

>>"Nicolás" == Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org> writes:

 Ian> I don't think that using the changelog bug-closing mechanism is
 Ian> appropriate for when a bug is closed with no change to the code.
 >> Would you care to explain this statement? If closing the bug
 >> is indeed propoer, why shouldn't the changelog mechanism be used?
 >> Indeed, I would think the changelog mechanism should be preferred,
 >> since there is a permanent record of all such actions in the
 >> changelog, then. 

 Nicolás>  Because this is a changelog. A log of changes between
 Nicolás> versions. Changelogs are meant mainly for users, so they can
 Nicolás> easily check what have changed between two versions of the
 Nicolás> package. Right now, this overload of the changelog function
 Nicolás> makes them confusing.

	This all comes down to what is in the changelog, really. Most
 of mine are less than 8 entries, and it is not onerous to locate the
 two or three lines in 12 or so that indicate why the bug was closed. 

	Arguably, it is also nice to know what other changes went into
 a release (very often my work, and the bugs fixed, are clustered, and
 the apparently unrelated information about the other bug fixes tends
 to provide relvant background). 

 Nicolás> Another bad habit I've seen recently are entries that
 Nicolás> require the user to go to the BTS to know what have
 Nicolás> happened. eg:
 Nicolás>  * Finally managed to fix this bug (closes:Bug#66666).

	I dislike those as well. 

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