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Bug#79538: FDL is missing from common-licenses

* Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> [001215 07:04]:
> Perhaps one reason it's not a common license, is it's unknown whether
> the license is dfsg-free. I certainly don't know; there may be others
> like me:)

Does any of this really matter?

I'm all for adding any old blasted license to the common-licenses
package. Why not collect all the licenses in one place, to make
comparisons easy?

Heck, I'm all for throwing the MicroSoft EULA into common-license
package. No one in their right mind would release software with it as
their license, but we can include it too! (Well, probably not -- they
might get upset with us about copyright issues; cf bugtraq.)

Or, perhaps, more pragmatically -- if more than one package uses a
license, keeping a copy in common-license would allow for saving hard
drive space for those users with multiple of those packages installed --
and everyone else would lose perhaps 4k with each new license.

That doesn't seem too bad.

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