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Re: Weak Install (Re: [PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL must be included)

Guys & gals, let's not go there (again)!  Debian already has "weak install" in the form of depencies even if this requires a separate package with the license on which every package that refers to the license should depend.

This is what we do, by the way, because the /usr/share/common-licenses/* files are in the base-files package which is Essential which is an implicit way of saying that all packages depend on it.

What *would* be nice would if there was a "weak install" status for *packages* with the meaning that a "weakly installed" (or "passive") package is automatically removed when there are no other packages depending on it.  This would eliminate the main reason for the "orphan library package" problem.

        Kristoffer <krisrose@debian.org>

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