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Re: In GNU's own words... (was: Re: [PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL...)

> ...so it's obviously not necessary to force the download of the source.
> What about people who buy just the binary CDs from LSL or Cheapbytes?
> Would *they* be in violation of the GPL?  </mild sarcasm>

If you don't buy the source it's okay for the vendor to charge actual
costs when you want it later. So if you wait two and a half years and then
request source I will have to dig it out of the archives and transfer it
to media. I am fully prepared to do that in the event that someone wants
the source for a specific version of any package(s). I doubt that will
happen very often. Most people who decide they want source will want the
current versions. I am fully aware of the 3 year source availability
requirement of the GPL and prepared to comply with it.

This discussion does have me thinking about putting a README.licenses file
in the top level directory of every CD I produce along with a directory
containing the common licenses.

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