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[PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL must be included

Package: debian-policy

RMS just asked me if it was true that all our packages don't include
the GPL, just a reference to it, since that is a violation of the
GPL itself. In his words:

rms> I'm told that (some or all) Debian packages for GPL-covered programs
rms> don't contain a copy of the GPL--just a reference.  See an example
rms> below.
rms> Is that accurate?  If so, it has to be fixed.  The GPL says that a
rms> copy of the GPL must come with the package.  When you distribute a
rms> whole system, once copy of the GPL in it is ok in principle; but when
rms> a single package is distributed, it has to *come with* a copy
rms> of the GPL.

Reading the GPL section 3 says that for binaries the rules in sections 1
and 2 also apply, and 1 states that a copy of the GPL has to be


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