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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

On Sun, 26 Nov 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Then what if someone installs a Debian package on your distribution? How
> does that get handled? What if someone wants to integrate a set of
> packages from another source (not a distribution) with Debian or Progeny
> (can we say helix)?

Well clearly Helix et al are what this proposal should be addressing.
Making things simpler for Progeny/etc would just be a nice off shoot.

> IMO, Progeny should only get bug reports for packages that they
> intentionally changed. Further more, I don't think distributions should
> take over Debian's job. Progeny and other offshoots exist on top of

I think this is not wise. I can think of lots of reasons, but how about

Many Progeny users files a bug on APT asking that it support clusters
better. I having no interest in that stuff so I drop it on a shelf for all

Progeny was robbed of valuable feedback and it didn't really help
anything.. Be creative, feedback is a valuable commercial commodity. 

I think all Debian derived dists include a bug tool that sends them bugs -
so why are we trying to force them not to do this??

Not to mention the fact that most of what we do is integration - those
kins of bugs have to go to the people doing the integration (which
isn't us)

> As much as we trust Progeny, because of it's roots and it's employees, we
> don't want to start a precedent where an offshoot distribution can horde

Er, they can't really - GPL and all.

Besides that they already have a reason to send changes upstream and to
us - managing an ever increasing number of custom patches is expensive.


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