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Re: [RFC] Measuring skills of a Debian Developer

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 11:02:27PM +0200, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
> - I will develop a plan for this idea while keeping in mind every
> suggestion and recommendation I have received and will receive from you
> - Later this month I'll make a test page for this on people.debian.org.
> - When I will consider this page to go beta, I'll announce this to
> debian-devel, so everyone can see, what does it look like
> - And then AFTER all suggestions (bugs) will be fixed in test version
> I'll consider 'releasing' this to mainstream by proposing appropriate
> GR.
> Is this ok?

I don't know.

Without knowing what you're rating skill for, I don't know how to
determine how well this meets that goal.

Also, note that technical skills cover broad areas.  For example, someone
might be a perl expert, know xs inside and out, but still be unfamiliar
with certain areas of perl (ipc, dbi, or whatever).

In my own idea of technical skill, what matters isn't so much the
pieces of information a person has already picked up, but the rate at
which they can pick up new pieces of information (in a specific area).
This can be hard to judge.

Furthermore, skill as a software developer doesn't always correspond to
skill as a maintainer.

Anyways, point is: unless you are willing to say what this information
is going to be used for, there's no *way* it's going to be possible to
say whether your plan is ok.

Which, I guess, makes it somewhat not ok.


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