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CDDB db grand unifaction

Hi! Over the past few months I've been trying out a number of CD
players, and have been slightly annoyed by the fact that different
players deal with local cddb databases in different ways, resulting in a
number of (sometimes incompatible) db storage schemes, and shedloads of
dot-directories. Often this means that symlinks have to manually
created, which of course is a PITA.

What I would like to see is a policy covering how cddb-capable programs
should behave. Perhaps this is outside the scope of Debian, but if it
isn't, and there seems to be some interest I would be happy to put
together some sort of proposal. I guess that it would require that all
programs use ~/.cddb/ for user dbs, and /var/cddb for system-wide dbs.

Please feel free to rip apart the idea :)


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