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Re: policy for menu hints

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 11:25:26PM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:
> Hi,
> With a fairly small amount of work, I have managed to get a couple of
> menu hints semi-standardized within Debian.  (See the documentation on
> the menu package if you don't know what menu hints are.  The quick
> answer is that they are optional (disabled by default) subcategories
> within the menus.)

Interestingly hints seems to override section. Example which I noticed
is xpvm which has:


Prior to hints it appears, by itself, in Technical. Afterwards (for me)
it appears, by itself, in Apps/Distributed

> So far, most X11 clock programs now include the "Clocks" hint, and
> most Gnome and KDE packages do or will include "Gnome" and "KDE"
> hints, respectively.

I have most (all as far I know) Gnome stuff installed from Potato
but I didn't see any of the menus generate sub-menus.

For me, though, Apps/Net and Apps/Tools always seem to be overfull.

How about: Mail, News and Web hints for Apps/Net

(the problem I see is some applications fit into multiple categories
-- I haven't seen how menu handles that).

I couldn't come up with any suggestions for App/Tools hints.

One other hints I noticed was "3d" in the Games/Arcade. Perhaps
recommend that as a hint for games which are 3d in nature (or
use OpenGL?)

> Since this all seems to be going quite well, I'd like to propose that
> add these hints to our menu policy, and start accepting suggestions
> for new hints here on -policy, much like we do with suggestions for
> new categories.
> If no one has any strong objections, I'll write up a formal proposal
> for this.  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

No objections but you may want to clarify the intent of Apps/Viewers.
Mine cntains Electirc Eyes but it would seem to fit better in 
Apps/Graphic -- viewers is meant for text, yes?


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