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Re: Proposal: Splitting cgi-bin

> On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 09:16:02AM -0500, Brian White wrote:
> > -----
> > Most people setting up a web site expect /cgi-bin/ to be available for
> > scripts on their site.  Unfortunately, Debian uses this for those scripts
> > packages that get installed.  These two need to be independant.
> >
> > As such, Debian's system needs to be altered a bit.  I recommend using
> > instead the name "/cgi-lib/" for scripts under /usr/lib/cgi-bin/.  This
> > will keep both features independant and not affect the general use of
> > the system.
> > -----
> This seems sensible to me, could you give a patch to policy that
> can be actually included?

Sure.  Here's what I wrote up as a patch to "policy.sgml".

--- policy.sgml.orig	Fri Nov  3 00:02:17 2000
+++ policy.sgml	Fri Nov  3 00:18:45 2000
@@ -2949,9 +2949,20 @@
 		and can be referred to as
-		  http://localhost/cgi-bin/&lt;cgi-bin-name&gt;
-		</example></p></item>
+		  http://localhost/cgi-lib/&lt;cgi-bin-name&gt;
+		</example></p>
+	      <p>The purpose of using <tt>cgi-lib</tt> instead of
+	      <tt>cgi-bin</tt> is that most webmasters are used to having
+	      <tt>cgi-bin</tt> available for their own local use, much like
+	      <tt>/usr/local</tt>.  Having packages use <tt>cgi-lib</tt>
+	      means that no changes need to be made by the webmaster to both
+	      keep what they are used to and still have access to Debian
+	      packages.</p>
+	      <p>Web servers should include <tt>/cgi-lib/</tt> as a standard
+	      ScriptAlias of <tt>/usr/lib/cgi-bin/</tt>.</p></item>
 	    <item><p>Access to html documents</p>
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