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Re: new fields in debian/control

>>"Wichert" == Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cistron.nl> writes:

 Wichert> I'm adding three new fields to debian/control: All of these
 Wichert> fields have to be in the general section of the
 Wichert> control-file.

 	What, no rationale? No discussion of whether this is the best
 way to do things? No discussion period? Why the control file?

 	I can see me wanting to do Origin: local while shcecking out
 my packages, and uplaoding with Origin: Debian. How does one
 accomplish that in the proposed scheme without yucky editing of the
 Control file? 

 	Also, the BTS field should have a corelation to the origins
 filed; indeed, somewhat like dupload, one should be able to
 create profiles for origins; specifying the origin should
 change thedefault BTS, and the BTS should affect the style as well.

	These are not unrelated fields; and it would be nice to be
 able to change all t=fo them with a siggle option. Having to manually
 edit the control file is not really a good design, IMHO. 

 Wichert> Someone please update the packaging manual to reflect this change.

	 Umm. I think if there is no choice, then it should not be
  policy; I thknk we'll probably remove the non-policy parts of the
  packaging manual before this can be made mandatory (tis also needs a
  phase in time; we can't just put in mandatory new fields and make
  all packages intantly buggy, if I recall discussion from the
  /usr/doc fiasco).

  	We need to decide on the portions of the packaging manual that
 are actually policy statements, and are not open to unilateral change
 by the maintainers of a single package. These policy ratified bits
 (API's, etc) should require a policy modification to change, and
 should have a transition plan in place; and if a package implementing
 the API's changes, then the bug would be in the _package_, not the

	Since this change has already been coded and committed to CVS,
 it seems that the design decision lies with the dpkg authors; it
 seems very unlikely this is proper policy material.

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