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Re: Updating policy


>>"Julian" == Julian Gilbey <J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk> writes:

 Julian> I was working through the "NMU Fixed - pending" bugs (mostly titled
 Julian> "REJECTED") closing them or implementing them as I felt appropriate,
 Julian> and in some cases asking for more comments without changing their
 Julian> status.  I had reached bug #37999 in this part of the BTS; further
 Julian> discussion has now happened on most of these so it could be worth
 Julian> looking them over and making a decision on the ones up to there.  I
 Julian> hadn't yet started looking at any other parts of the BTS for -policy
 Julian> or anything for pkg-man.

 Julian> Only one other change that needs making: the virtual-packages list
 Julian> changelog should have an addition for the x-* stuff you added.

 Julian> It's possible I will have some more time this week while I sit in
 Julian> Seattle waiting for my visa to be processed, but I am not making any
 Julian> promises.  So any help would be much appreciated.

        Perhaps we should have a release at this point, since you are
 going to have an hiatus of over a month, and it shall take me some
 time to come up to speed? The current status of policy seems to have
 fixed some 20-odd bugs, and we have had quite a while since policy
 was updated. 

	I've committed some changes to CVS (minoir typos in the
 markup), and I'll add the virtual package list changelog.

ps. Here is the changelog from policy, for people to look over

  * Fixed bugs in debian-policy package:
  * [PROPOSAL] Do not make hardlinks to conffiles       closes: Bug#22935
  * [OLD PROPOSAL] debian-policy has an unclear statement on dependancies
    and priorities                                      closes: Bug#39398
  * [ACCEPTED 10/26/99] changelog.html.gz sanitization. closes: Bug#40934
  * [AMENDED 07/09/1999] policy on -g, a proposal       closes: Bug#43787
  * Correct typo in section 2.3.5                       closes: Bug#52225
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for usage of "xserver" 
    alternative                                         closes: Bug#53755
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] additions to virtual package
    list                                                closes: Bug#53756
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for "x-terminal-emulator" 
     virtual package and alternative                    closes: Bug#53757
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for "x-window-manager"
     virtual package and alternative                    closes: Bug#53758 
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] revision of X application-defaults 
    policy                                              closes: Bug#53760 
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] revision of the Motif/LessTif 
    policy                                              closes: Bug#53761
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] applying the FHS to packages 
    that use X                                          closes: Bug#53762 
  * [ACCEPTED 02/01/2000] policy for X font packages    closes: Bug#53763
  * Moved the documents into the Debian/ section, since that is where they
    belong, really.                                     closes: Bug#54777
  * Fixed the ftp location in the manuals.              closes: Bug#56407
  * Fixed missing urlname entity in the sgml docs (where 
    was it defined before anyway?)                      closes: Bug#56692
  * Fixed bugs in packaging-manual package:
  * We have had doc-base support for a while now.       closes: Bug#15709
  * packaging manual: Added additional clarification on dpkg
    behaviour.                                          closes: Bug#17369
  * [PROPOSED]: clarification needed about diversions.
    fixed usage for dpkg-divert                         closes: Bug#29522
  * Fixed missing </chapt> tag.                         closes: Bug#51091
  * Documented that the library before the symlink hack (which dependend
    on file system specific kinks to work) is no longer required by newer
    versions of dpkg.                                   closes: Bug#53405
  * Fixed typo where dpkg-genchanges was used instead of
    dpkg-gencontrol.                                    closes: Bug#58771
  * Other changes:
  * Added policy-process to document current procedures.
  * Added a dependency on fileutiles >=4.0, since the package would fail
    to install with older fileutils.
  * Installed FHS version 2.1
  * Policy recommends packaging manual and vice versa
  * Added FHS details to copyright file

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