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Re: Updating policy

Hi Manoj!

I got my numbers wrong; it'll be  My latest changes are all
checked in to CVS.  I had been working my way through the BTS when I
got interrupted to arrange my visa to teach for five weeks in
Vancouver.  I'm due to fly tomorrow and don't yet have it....

I was working through the "NMU Fixed - pending" bugs (mostly titled
"REJECTED") closing them or implementing them as I felt appropriate,
and in some cases asking for more comments without changing their
status.  I had reached bug #37999 in this part of the BTS; further
discussion has now happened on most of these so it could be worth
looking them over and making a decision on the ones up to there.  I
hadn't yet started looking at any other parts of the BTS for -policy
or anything for pkg-man.

Only one other change that needs making: the virtual-packages list
changelog should have an addition for the x-* stuff you added.

It's possible I will have some more time this week while I sit in
Seattle waiting for my visa to be processed, but I am not making any
promises.  So any help would be much appreciated.


On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 02:23:09AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
>         This message is about a month old, and I have seen no
>  objections. Is there a status update that I just missed in all the
>  traffic? 
>  	Could I help?
> 	manoj
> >>"Julian" == Julian Gilbey <J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk> writes:
>  Julian> Does anyone have any objections to me uploading a revised version of
>  Julian> -policy in the next few weeks?  It'll be based on Manoj's unreleased
>  Julian> together with more recent proposals, and I plan to number it
>  Julian>
>  Julian> As I go through the proposals in the BTS, I may say that some of them
>  Julian> will go in unless there are objections, to avoid the problems we have
>  Julian> recently been experiencing.  But I realise that this will be more
>  Julian> contentious....


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