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Re: Policy process

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Ian Jackson wrote:

> [...]
> I've now done a bit of research about this, prompted by the fact that
> when I visited -policy in my newsreader today for the first time in a
> few days there seemed to be very little of any use and a lot of noise.
> [...]

Since I'm in part responsible for the noise, I hereby apologize for my 
recent mistakes regarding management of the bug system.

I think the problem you perceive would be alliviated by making 
some changes in the BTS itself. Example: I would like it *not*
to be fault-tolerant regarding wrong commands when those commands 
refer to bugs against the `debian-policy' package. If you send a 
message containing a wrong command, the BTS should ideally reject all 
commands in that message and bounce it to the person who issued the 
wrong commands (me, in this case :-).

Also, maybe we need features the BTS system does not currently 
support. Something like a "Debian Policy Tracking System". 

We could implement a system in which "I-second-this"-messages
go to the DPTS and are automatically Cc:ed to the person who
made a proposal, so that he knows when to change the status of the 

Instead of changing the bug title from "proposal" to "amendment" and 
such, the proposal could be in a series of different "states". Anybody could
monitor the state of a give proposal by looking at the DPTS web pages,
and the debian-policy list would be only for discussing the technical 

Would this serve to reduce the amount of "junk"?

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